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Ultimate Suit Up Pack v1.1 | Blender Geometry Nodes

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Ultimate Suit-up pack in Blender Geometry Nodes. This package contains a bunch of geometry node templates of suit-up effects. Based on the hit tutorial on our YouTube channel Hell FX Learn, this is an extended version of what we talked about there. Grab this and enjoy.

Free :

  • Documentation (How to use / Tips).
  • Suit-up Base Template.
  • Layered Suit-up
  • Laser Suit-up

Extra :

  • Everything from the FREE pack
  • Hex Suit-Up
  • Laser Suit-up(Advanced)
  • Multiple Laser Beams Suit-up
  • Vertical Suit-up
  • Demo Scenes

Follow these tutorials to see what we talking about:

These geo nodes templates/Demos[v1.0] are made using Blender 3.2 (Compatible with 3.x and higher).

version 1.1 of Ultimate Suit Up pack has been updated to Blender 3.4.


in v1.1 we made a minor update to our original Ultimate Suit-Up pack. But now, It is much easier to use!

  • Assets Library preview image update
  • No more Output Attributes. Everything is stored inside the Node setup. So you can easily append and use geometry node-setups anywhere you like.
  • Updated to the Latest Release. Now, Ultimate Suit up pack has been updated to Blender 3.4
  • few minor adjustments to node setups and Documentation.

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Ultimate Suit Up Pack v1.1 | Blender Geometry Nodes

85 ratings
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