Engine FXs v1.1 | Blender's Procedural Engine Thrust Creation Pack

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Engine FXs Pack V1

Procedural Engine Burst Thrust Effect Pack for Blender

Create stunning engine burst effects quickly and easily with this procedural asset pack for Blender.

WHAT'S NEW in version 1.1

Engine FXs is now Powered by New Simulation Nodes in Blender 3.6

This introduces,
  • 3 New Trails Effects
  • 2 New Particle Simulation Effects
  • 1 New Preset
To the existing library for Blender 3.6x and above users

Less Geometry Nodes Experience Required

Even if you're not familiar with Blender's powerful procedural mesh generation tool, Geometry Nodes, you can easily use this asset pack to create awesome-looking engine burst effects.

Pre-Made Effects

This pack includes 8 different pre-made engine effects that you can drag and drop into your scene. It's that easy!

Assets Library

All of the effects and their building blocks are categorized and colour-coded with custom icons to make your life easier.

Make Your Own

This pack gives you the power to create your own unique engine thrust effects. Simply start by dragging and dropping either a "Tail" or a "Shape Array". Or both. It's up to you. Customize them however you like. And if you want to have an "Aura" surrounding your array, just drag and drop a "ShapeAura" to the setup. If you want your effect to face the camera, we have a pre-made setup for that as well.

Use one of our basic materials and custom shader groups to create unique materials. And once you're done creating your basic effect, you can start the engine with "Engine StartTimer".


  • 9 pre-made engine effects
  • Customizable tails and shapes
  • Assets library with categorized and colour-coded building blocks
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fewer Geometry Nodes experience required
  • Commercial use


  • Save time and effort by using pre-made effects
  • Create your own unique engine thrust effects with ease
  • Get started quickly and easily with the easy-to-use interface
  • Learn Geometry Nodes at your own pace
  • Use your creations for commercial projects

Basic Pack [Free]

  • Custom Geometry Functions
  • Materials
  • Shader groups
  • Shape Arrays
  • Tails
  • Overview (Manual)

Extra: Commercial Use [$]

  • Engine FXs Presets(8)
  • Custom Geometry Functions (aura)
  • Heat Distortion
  • Materials
  • Shader Groups(aura and fluid noise)
  • Shape Arrays
  • Tails(wave tail)
  • Preset_Assets
  • Overview (Manual)
  • Demo Scene

Effects Support Blender 3.5x or above. Simulation Effects in v1.1 requires Blender 3.6x or above

Get started today and create stunning engine burst effects with Engine FXs Pack V1.1!

Overview v1

Engine FXs Overview

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Engine FXs v1.1 | Blender's Procedural Engine Thrust Creation Pack

127 ratings
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